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This is Chutney and his mom (and Santa, obviously). Chutney works with mom. Well, I'm not really sure how much he works, but mom comes home smelling like him sometimes. According to mom, Chutney's a very good boy (for a shiba, at least), so he's definitely going to get everything on his list this year.

Here's Chutney falling victim to the all too common syndrome known as Seasonal Mommy Madness (SMM for short). I'm not sure what gets into them, but we always seem to wind up in funny costumes as a result. Humans are peculiar - especially mommies.

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I will have to make a formal complaining about animal cruelty.

Your pictures are great! Would love to see (or should I say, experience) Tsuki and Yoshi some time. I hope you're all well and that your holiday season is not too busy. Drop me a line if you want to get together. Went to the dog park 6 times last year. Just wasn't the same without Yoshi.

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