Unreasonable Accommodations

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Tsuki's such a little midget that she can't get up onto the bed by herself (which didn't seem like such a bad thing to me), so Mom and Popi bought her her own little Tsuki-sized steps.

Personally, I think that any dog that can't get up onto the bed by themselves, doesn't deserve to sleep on the bed. But, does anyone ever ask me for my opinion? Clearly not.

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I always visit your blog, and then I found you in the flickr too.
After this photo, I had to leave a hug for both!
I want one of this too! (the stairs, Shiba I already have)

Where did you get the steps!!! I just bought a new bed, and I KNOW Wolf's gonna hurt himself jumping down from it!

Hi, Janet.

I got the steps here:


It took a little over 3 weeks for them to be delivered, but this site had the best price I could find.

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