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After a long exile (for reasons that I won't mention, except to say that I am completely innocent), I have had my living room privileges restored. Oh, how I've missed my chair.

Good night...

It's almost like looking in a mirror. A really tiny mirror, but a mirror nonetheless.

Playing Catch-Up

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Popi hasn't been feeling well, and Mom's been really busy, so I haven't been able to update my site for awhile. I keep telling them that I can use the computer all by myself, but they insist that an adult has to be around to help me.'s what we've been up to.

Here I am letting Tsuki win at tug-o-war.

We weren't up to anything, honest.

Is that my sister, or a frog?

Mom is so annoying with that camera when we're trying to sleep. At least this time she was bothering Tsuki and not me.

Occasionally, Tsuki sits still.

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