Valentine's Schmalentine's

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Mom thought she was being really funny when she ordered this for Popi.

Personally, I think my idea was a lot funnier.

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HAHAHA!!! Wolf does that too, drives everyone crazy, but hey, if that's what makes him happy, to disembowel stuffed animals, go for it!

Hi-- I've never written you before, but found your site thru fundofelves and I think it's hilarious! Well-written, pictures of your handsome little boy...what's not to love? I own a 3-yo shiba girl named Thelma, I live in Phila. Drop me a line, check out my Thelma entries and pics on my site. I'd love to meet Yoshi someday.

Best wishes,

This is Pekoe's favorite way to play with stuffed animals, too. This must be a family trait. Does Yoshi chew the eyes out first?

Hah, he's got the right idea. Our Yoshi rips off the nose first, then gets to that squeaker, un-squeakifys it, THEN he pulls out the stuffing. After that, he's pretty much bored with it.

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