True Colors

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Yoshi: Evil genius

Yoshi appears to be living up to his fancy AKC registered name, which is "Shoneno Fugitive From Justice." Shoneno are the laws relating to juveniles in Japan, which makes Yoshi a juvenile delinquent. But who didn't know that?

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No it's true, my dog is truly an evil genius, a fact which can apparently only be discovered through state-of-the-art photographic techniques, recently discovered at the secret suburban compound.... Read More

So we're watching TV last night, and all of a sudden Kat starts yelling "There's a snake in the house! There's a snake in the house! Oh my god! There's a snake in the house!" Neat. So I freak out a little bit, because Yoshi is playing with it, and... Read More


I'm wondering if shibas come in white or is it a throw back color? I recently found a beautiful white teddy bear with red tips on his ears. being the proud mommy of a akita i knew what i was looking at just seemed unlikely to find a white one. was he a diamond in the rough?

Hehe, looks like Yoshi's yawning. Yes, shibas do come in white, but its not really considered "standard" for the breed.

Our Yosh curls his tounge when he yawns, and we can see he has a small purple spot on the back.

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