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A Dog of Great Influence

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Here, Yoshi and I take time out of our busy social schedules to teach Ben Franklin about operant conditioning. As long as Yoshi receives a steady supply of rewards, in this case cheese, good behavior is assured. Okay, not really assured, but at least more likely to occur.

While we were there, Ben asked if Yoshi could give him editorial advice on some sort of declaration or proclamation of great import. How could Yoshi refuse (especially when there was a piece of cheese stuck to the corner)?

Then, Yoshi and Ben spent some time just pondering the fate of the colonies.

And, after a brief chat about Yoshi's theories on electricity (some nonsense about a kite and a key), we headed for home.

True Colors

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Yoshi: Evil genius

Yoshi appears to be living up to his fancy AKC registered name, which is "Shoneno Fugitive From Justice." Shoneno are the laws relating to juveniles in Japan, which makes Yoshi a juvenile delinquent. But who didn't know that?

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