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It's a Dog's Life

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Yoshi lounging on his favorite chair, which is affectionately known as "the scratching post," due to the painstaking craftsmanship employed by our live-in feline interior decorating team, Willie and Desi, LLC.

Public Service Announcement: Willie and Desi are always interested in freelance work, and are eager to unleash their creative talents on your home. For the low, low cost of room and board, Willie and Desi could do for your house, what they've done for ours. Operators are standing by.

Yoshi proves, time and time again, that the best toys are frequently free, but always disgusting.

Author's Note: Though he tried, Yoshi could not manage to get himself dirtier than he was in these photos.

Look over there!

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This is Yoshi and his friend, Abby (basenji mix), with the most coveted of all toys, the empty water bottle.

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