The Magic of the Dog Park

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Yoshi is happiest when he is with other dogs, and there's no better place for that than the dog park! Here is the joyous little chap at the dog park looking quite undignified with his tongue hanging out!

But, despite of how much fun it is to be surrounded by other dogs, even a little samurai needs to sleep sometimes.

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I really enjoy your Yoshi page. You have finally done what I wish so many people would do when showing off their pooch... ENLARGE their pictures for those of us who have more than a 320 x 240 resolution monitor. Thanks!

I love Yoshi's diary. He is such a cutie - and I liked the blow-up of him getting bit in the behind. Great pictures - keep them coming. I'll bring my guys to the dog park soon and see if we can find you all!

Miriam (MissPoop - the cadillac in dog waste management)

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