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I'm not only the owner, I'm also a client.


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Tug O' War with Eleanor!

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Telling Secrets

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Looking Foxy

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A rare sighting of Yoshi's tail un-curled. He's playing with his new pal, Daisy!

Yoshi's Water Fountain

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Konnichi wa, my name is Yoshi, and this is my water fountain!

Lazy puppy!

Gunther (Akita), Yoshi (Shiba Inu), and Henry (Pit Bull/Mastiff Mix)

Excuse me, Gunther, but I need to wash my paws (note Yoshi behind Gunther).

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Attack of the killer corgis!

Take that, Syd! I learned this trick from the cats!

Who's gonna' get it?

We're gonna' get it! No, we're gonna' get it!

Tug O' War! Everybody wins!

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Dogs are funny. One of them can be really annoying (I'll give you a hint which one, it's the one whose names starts with a "Y" and ends with an "oshi")...

And get totally schooled by another dog...

But in the end, everyone shares a drink at the water bowl, and parts the best of friends.

Yoshi is happiest when he is with other dogs, and there's no better place for that than the dog park! Here is the joyous little chap at the dog park looking quite undignified with his tongue hanging out!

But, despite of how much fun it is to be surrounded by other dogs, even a little samurai needs to sleep sometimes.

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...and from a dog with ears that look like that!

Puppy Love

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It started out innocently enough - sharing a few drinks at the water bowl...

Then a few stolen kisses...

Then things really started to heat up...

and got a little kinky, even.

...and then Yoshi learned the truth about male/female relationships.

big day out

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So we took Yoshi to the beach, thinking that if nothing else, maybe the ocean might scare him a little (nothing else does).

Nope. He certainly doesn't want to go in, but it doesn't bother him much... not when there are clams to dig, dunes to run on, puppy lives to ponder, and of course:

new friends to make.

We all had a great time, except for all the biting. Yoshi, of course, isn't bothered by the biting.

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