October 28, 2004


We're all ( in that all sense that is somehow everyone I know) in the house--this is to say my house which is all of the houses I've ever lived in--and a snow storm is coming.

But not a snow storm. More like a snow volcano that has erupted and sent an avalanche of snow heading our way.

We're doomed, we'll be crushed under the weight of all the snow. I'm begging Kat and Yoshi to get under the dining room table with me. We might be safe there, if the house collapses.

Yoshi won't come under the table. Kat keeps getting up because she has other things to do.

I look out the window, and see the wall coming towards us. I run upstairs to find them.

Both of them are dawdling around and I scream for them to come down, no one is listening.

From an incredibly large order of fries, I grab a french fry the size of a baton and wave it under Yoshi's nose. "Come on Yoshi!" I yell.

The snow hits the house, everything goes to slow motion. Yoshi and I float down the stairs. There is the crinkling of snow, like christmas tinsel amplified crashing into the house.

Yoshi and I lay under the table, freezing as snow envelops the house. The house does not collapse. It's freezing.

[unremembered transition]

I wake, and I'm above the covers. Yoshi is rolled in a ball, pressed tightly against my legs. I'm freezing.

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