I don't have much in the way of whole songs that are really awesome mp3s at the moment, but you can feel free to check out some stuff that I've workd on. The downmf mp3s are pretty great actually but I only played the drums on those for the most part.

downmf mp3s

acidplanet mp3s that I made with acid

Reason Patches &c.

I got Reason a month ago, and uh. Yeah. Reason is super nice for someone like me with no real gear and the desire to play with synthesizers occasionally. I won't bore you with the endless 4 bar compositions I've made with it, but I will share a few nice patches for the synths...


Bedlam Organ
. Crazy. Actually made me naseous in my headphones.

DigiBagTambura. I was trying to make a tambura, but the it sounded like bagpipes. Except that it didn't sound quite like those either.

Fanfare Bass. Not sure what it's good for.

Harmarp-Entropy. Starts off pretty, then degrades. Like life.

Moody Hammers. A soundtrack for a movie with really depressed dwarves. Like maybe Wim Wender's Lord of the Rings.


365 Days This is totally awesome. Check it every day.

Mechanics of Destruction
Ideologically correct industrial dance.

Pocketfuel Free loops for Acid, Reason, etc.

Did you really read all of that? Sheesh.

Fortune: "You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment." I swear, I really got this fortune. I am not making this up.

spinning hampster -- I really love this hamster

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