November 10, 2003
private english roppongi f*ing USA video hour

So I'm doing a little Albino Blacksheep surfing, and I come across this sort of weird, sort of creepy North Korean music video, called Fucking USA:

We clearly remember the blood and tears we shed
and you were the cause of our country's division
And we won't forget all of the horrible massacres
You are a country of murderers.
But if America is such a righteous country
the why can't we say what we want to say?
Have you made us into slaves of our own precious land?
So now we are yelling
You stole the Olympic Gold medal from us
You are a dastardly thief.
You have the ability to steal everything and go on a rampage
You are a monstrous thief.

translation by Rob Pongi

Ok, so the lyrics don't exactly roll off the tongue in easy rhythm, but at least we know what they're talking about, unlike some people I could mention. Go watch the video, it's interesting (and funny in a disturbing way) on several levels, I promise.

Ok, but let's get to the end of the video and to title that reads "english translation by rob pongi.".


I was expecting to find a small business card type site, but instead I found....the Roppongi Video Happy Hour!

Rob Pongi is apparently some sort of video jester who runs his own interview/satire show from what looks to be an alleyway in Tokyo. He wears a strange outfit (explained in the Rob Pongi FAQ), and has really strange conversations with the Japanese. He claims to love them, but he spends an awful lot of time making fun of them, too.

No really, go watch a couple videos. They're real eye openers.

Edit 7/5/2011

Rob Pongi sent a DMCA takedown notice to dreamhost for the video still I used for this article. I could pay an attorney to file a counter-notice, but that seems ridiculous as Mr. Pongi's relevance is a near-neighbor of zero. Instead of bothering I generated a new artwork that approximates the visual experience of the non-infriging still for the viewer and yet heightens the overall clownosity that Mr. Pongi exhibits in his public life.

Posted by illovich at November 10, 2003 10:34 AM

too bad we only see this through japan's eyes. they hate north korea. it's well known that the japanese consider other asians to be inferior 'vermin'.

the video taken by itself, without japan television's scary sound effect intro, is quite funny. musical expression is hardly anything for American's to worry about.

Posted by: vince on February 4, 2004 10:19 PM
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