May 14, 2004
I still <3 Mena + Ben

Well, the people who make the software that powers this website plus this one not to mention this one and of course the only site I made that gets any traffic at all have released a new version and the kvetch mob isn't happy, because Mena and Ben have decided that people will have to pay for the software, sort of.

Most of the moaning has to do with how movable types fee structure evolves, from free (1 author, 3 blogs) to personal ($99 for 3 authors, 5 blogs) to commercial (20 authors, 15 blogs).

I think especially the blogs that have lots of authors are the ones getting bent out of shape, but my guess is just because a non-profit blog has more than 9 authors they won't have to suddenly dump $600 for a commercial license.

I mean, I don' know but I have faith in Mena + Ben.

Plus, to be perfectly matter-of-factual plus rude, you don't HAVE to upgrade to MT 3.0. People just want to, and are mad that they'll have to pay finally. I guess I'll probably finally pay for my license, which I was planning to do anyway.

Posted by illovich at May 14, 2004 03:42 PM