June 11, 2003
from rebellion to evil empire

File under stupid website mistakes. Star Wars.com, official propaganda organ of the Lucas Galactic Empire has instituted a new policy where looking at some content requires you to register, make a user name and log in.

But hold on a second, you digital freeloader! Did you actually want to see the neat stuff on there? Like movie clips, etc? Then you have to upgrade to Hyperspace. Just $19.95 a year!

What a bargain!

Now, I guess there will be fans that are entrenched enough to actually pay for this, but I'd be really curious to see a detailed breakdown of their stats from the last few months and the next few months.

I'm not an avid visitor, but I do drop by on occasion for a litttle star warsiness...but now the site is so frustrating to use, because every other link redirects to the page that encourages you to upgrade to Hyperspace.

I just don't get it. So now they have a really annoying site that essentially chases the average star wars fan (me) away since I'm not going to pony up $19.95 to view.

Oh well. We'll always have TheForce.net, I guess.

Posted by illovich at June 11, 2003 01:49 PM
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