April 11, 2005
all the text that's fit to generate

Lorem Ipsum - All the facts - Lipsum generator = the classic

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Duis tincidunt libero varius metus dictum suscipit. Curabitur hendrerit scelerisque arcu. Nullam tincidunt egestas urna. Phasellus porta sem a enim. Cras non ligula quis metus blandit semper. Quisque ligula. Donec sed lacus nec quam accumsan vulputate. Ut sed libero et est suscipit tristique. Vestibulum sapien elit, auctor sit amet, iaculis a, vulputate ut, massa. Duis laoreet, ipsum id auctor eleifend, massa nulla vestibulum arcu, sed porttitor massa lorem ac nisl. Sed purus tellus, nonummy sit amet, malesuada ac, suscipit facilisis, dui. Fusce nec dui ac felis egestas faucibus. Nam et lacus. Mauris diam. Vivamus neque pede, egestas eu, condimentum a, condimentum eleifend, arcu. Donec placerat. Suspendisse placerat. Phasellus libero lacus, bibendum sed, molestie vel, condimentum vitae, nunc. Pellentesque facilisis nulla sit amet nulla.

malevole - Text Generator eems to generate song lyrics? They seem familiar somehow...
Ulysses, Ulysses - Soaring through all the galaxies. In search of Earth, flying in to the night. Ulysses, Ulysses - Fighting evil and tyranny, with all his power, and with all of his might. Ulysses - no-one else can do the things you do. Ulysses - like a bolt of thunder from the blue. Ulysses - always fighting all the evil forces bringing peace and justice to all.

Thunder, thunder, thundercats, Ho! Thundercats are on the move, Thundercats are loose. Feel the magic, hear the roar, Thundercats are loose. Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats! Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats! Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats! Thunder, thunder, thunder, Thundercats! Thundercats!

Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. He's got style, a groovy style, and a car that just won't stop. When the going gets tough, he's really rough, with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hi-Ya!). Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. Hong Kong Phooey, he's fan-riffic!

The Greek Machine courtesy of Duck Island = sort of something for everyone, with classic latin, hillbilly, marketing, the matrix, metropolitan, pseudo-german and techno babble available.

hillbilly: Tonic range over last cain't knickers over, throwed. Had wash, cabin fried grandma is me, jug fire squalor overalls pot polecat. Stew fell, whoopin' fell sam-hell shootin'. Fer hootin' over havin' everlastin' range commencin' moonshine neighbor's cousin them yer, co-op trailer, clan. Pasture, him inbred, snakeoil me, polecat sheep uncle rockinchair, firewood put. Crop landlord cipherin' feud em jig.

matrix: Ivirq10 ADODB xref, else-if HS700 10111 IVirq10. Start(0x000242) 56789:CDEFG !(AB(X)), THX1138 ADODB 56789:CDEFG. Ivirq10 %00!/# /00# @#0XX01 1001001 ADSP-219x KERNAL aR.$ length[X]-ipSwitch.

marketing: Easy how far like, generous lasting space, deserve guaranteed warranty comfort, if. Senses all-over odor all-over lifetime low-cost discover choose most. Wholesome power miracle splash new adore excites amazing, easy yummy, chosen if. Fast, tasty register less moist included, mouthwatering tired cholesterol many devour, fun.

pseudo-german: Heinee yodel mitten poken wearin keepin die achtung, rubberneckin spritz buerger haben der. Undervear hans thinken haus strudel meister sparkin hans weiner corkin strudel. Blimp blitz dummkopf, das stoppern sightseerin nicht. Hinder das der sparkin poopsie sparkin makin, ich kaputt auf dorkin.

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