July 24, 2002

So the long awaited (and I mean long) Scheduled Patch for July 24th , is happening today. Of course, July 24th was not the date being awaited, but rather the patch.

Today the fabled new interface of Everquest gets released. Fabled is actually a fairly fair word, given that it was supposed to ship with Shadows of Luclin, which I got 3 weeks before last Christmas.

According to eqnews.txt--which downloaded with the patch--not only is the new interface in, but also the bazaar (woot! Now maybe I'll make some money!) and the Jagged Pine forest zone, which I always wondered about as a younger druid. It's on the map, right next to Surefall, but I could never find any jagged pine druids. (if you follow the link, you kinda have to squint...Surefall is North of Qeynos on the West Coast)

I think the Unkempt Druids live there, and they do hate me. This, I'm fairly sure of.

To sum up:

New interface: live
Bazaar: live
Jagged Pine zone: live

aaaaand as an added bonus:
Removed the reduction in damage to Damage over Time spells when
used on NPCs that are moving.

Woot! Great day to be a druid (or shammie, I guess)

Not to mention they rewrote the grouping system, so that (they claim) groups won't get bugged anymore, and a leaving leader can transfer leadership of the group via a command /makeleader

Woot. I say. Woot.

Posted by illovich at July 24, 2002 08:48 AM
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