July 30, 2002
Worst. Marketing. Ploy...EVER.

So apparently the preorder our unfinished game or you might not get it right away scam has reached a new low, with Shadowbane--the MMORPG that seems more and more likely to fail--now saying that if you don't preorder the game, not all races (or species, as scientists like to call them) will be available in game to you as a player.

I hate to curse in public but--fuck you, Ubisoft.

That is the biggest loser scheme I have ever heard, and I think the translation should be understood as "Um, we're kind of low on cash, and our backers have said they won't give us any more money unles preorders go up...so cough up NOW, fanboy."


Posted by illovich at July 30, 2002 10:49 AM
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