May 18, 2004
ludes omniform are there invented

He wole maken fule luden, He wole grennen, cocken and chiden. - a1275 Prov. Ælfred 687 in O.E. Misc. 138

As my interest turns from simply living in various virtual worlds to studying them, I came across, a website devoted to videogame theory. Unfortunately, the webserver that hosts the articles by the author (Gonzalo Frasca) is currently unavailable, so I'm having a hard time forming my opinion on ludology on it's own, let alone versus narratology.

Searching the oed (yay!), I find that the (what I assume to be) the root lude can mean either noise/clamour, a game, or is a variant of lede and oddly enough as an (obscure, past, scottish) form of "love."

My guess is that the coining of the word ludology was centered around the "game" meaning of the word.

Title:1694 MOTTEUX Rabelais v. (1737) 230. Yep, I got my access to the OED back!

Posted by illovich at May 18, 2004 10:36 AM