March 03, 2003

I just read this, thanks to Tom Tomorrow:

White House Concedes That Counterterror Budget Is Meager

Re sponding to criticism from Democrats and to the mounting concern of state and local governments, the White House is now saying that the long delayed government spending plan for the year does not provide enough money to protect against terrorist attacks on American soil.

Ok, let me get this straight--the story so far.

We (speaking for the U.S.A. here) get attacked by a terrorist group. The government toughens up, spends us in to a deficit gearing up for the war against terrorism. Along with this comes spending, what, billions(??) of dollars reorganizing the govenment to be a more effective immanent police state, and of course the impending War on Iraq ][ (which may cost 100 billion by the end of it all, according to the White house)...

and there's no money to actually "protect against terrorist attacks on American soil."

Well, that's just fucking beautiful.

Posted by illovich at March 03, 2003 02:36 PM