November 03, 2003
the plan, it continues

Apparently Blueprint for a Mess is being blogged pretty extensively, but I couldn't resist when I read this:

There was ample warning, both on the basis of the specifics of Iraq and the precedent of other postwar deployments -- in Panama, Kosovo and elsewhere -- that the situation in postwar Iraq was going to be difficult and might become unmanageable. What went wrong was not that no one could know or that no one spoke out. What went wrong is that the voices of Iraq experts, of the State Department almost in its entirety and, indeed, of important segments of the uniformed military were ignored.
Yeah, can the liberal media please start calling this one out a little louder?

This administration does not consult with experts who say things that don't fit in with the plan.

Thanks to This Modern World for the link.

Posted by illovich at November 03, 2003 03:50 PM
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