July 13, 2002
Reign of Superamerikanism

So we went to see Reign of Fire tonight. Fun. The dragons were stupid cool, Christian Bale was stupid fresh, and Matthew McConaughey was just stupid.

Nothing against him, I mean I guess he was just doing what he was told, but his character was just the standard cartoon of a good 'ol boy American supersolider.

As Kat said, "why do they always look like skin heads anymore?"

I don't really know the answer to that question... it's just that I think the dragon slayer movie as analogue to American WWII heroism felt a bit tired... that's why I was particularly happy with the ending.

The polish/swedish chopperbabe was an odd, but nice touch. I just wish it hadn't gone all anti-feminist at the end...

3 stars, I guess. If you like stuff like dragons and post apocalyptic settings that aren't long on sensible world mechanics, you'll probably enjoy it.

Posted by illovich at July 13, 2002 08:58 PM
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