June 15, 2002
Pay It Forward

So I just finished watching Pay It Forward on cable. I know most people who would watch it probably have already, but I just saw it, and that's why I'm talking about it now...because for me, it's new.

I guess I liked the movie, at least the premise. Except that I think in the end it's a creepily American movie of dubious goodwill and moral rectitude.

Here's what I mean. It starts out with this kid, wanting to do something that will change the world, so he comes up with the idea that you do something good (as in huge, life altering) for three people., and then tell them to "pay it forward" instead of paying you back...in other words, they do the same for three people.

Great, and without spoiling the movie for you, which is overdramatic and overly complicated in that way where it all somehow comes together for the last half hour, it ends up that he creates a "movement" that sweeps the nation without him even being aware of it.

Here's the problem. He ends up being famous for it, and when he is (inexplicably, ridiculously, implausibly, absurdly) stabbed to death at the end of the movie (and it didn't look fatal to me, either) he is mourned by thousands who spontaneously show up at his house for a candlelight vigil.

Need to catch my breath a minute.


That's where's it's creepily American...because I get the feeling that the movie would not have been deemed "satisfying" if the fame aspect hadn't been thrown in. I don't know, maybe I'm just grumpy because it's late and I can't sleep, but why does it have to end up that he spawns a "movement" and he ends up getting famous.

I suppose that someone somewhere is going to suggest that he's a Christ figure. Nope. He's not. He just wants the world to be a better place, but he doesn't die willingly for the redemption of humanity. He just gets stabbed to death by a kid who was hitherto satisfied with knocking the class asthmatic on the ground, but was suddenly consumed with a bloodlust for Haley's stomach.

And what happened to the junkie taking the woman out for coffee? I wanted closure on that "forward payment" right there!

Stupid junkies.

Posted by illovich at June 15, 2002 12:46 AM

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