January 10, 2003
no more rogue cops!

What infuriates me the most is that if James Smoak does anything in retaliation to Cookeville Police Officer Eric Hall, the pig that murdered his dog in cold blood he'll be branded a criminal with double-punishement and jail time.

But Eric Hall will be protected from public outrage and social repercussions. He has been 'reassigned' to administrative duty until 'the matter is resolved' (until it all blows over) according to the Cookesville Police Department. The dog and the family that loved him receives no protection, and no justice. The department has already decided that Eric Hall was protecting himself, and will defend him accordingly.

That's the story: a policeman murdered a family dog in front of an american family and gets to walk away laughing. And the officer will be protected.

"I saw one of the THP officers walk over to the city officer who had shot the dog and grin," he said.
He reported that to the supervising officer, THP Lt. Jerry Andrews, and Andrews "was very nice, very professional," Smoak said.
"He told me the officer was not laughing, but I know he was," said Smoak.
It is truly alarming, because recent studies (and common sense) will suggest strongly that this police officer is not long from doing the same thing to a human... he has exhibited extremely poor judgement with a firearm and woefullly poor impulse control.

This is a policeman who is more akin to a wild predator; dangerous, unpredicatable and potentially deadly to the citizenry that it's his duty and obligation to protect.

And since the Tennesee Highyway Patrol has all but officially decided to protect Eric Hall they not only confirm that they are not interested in protecting the people from rogue policemen, but in my mind they will be liable for any crimes this officer commits.

And the police of this country should also be concerned. I suspect that very few police are malignant in the manner of Eric Hall, but when rogue officers are protected by their departments it is a stain on every police officer. This is something police should think about in conjunction with their concerns that violence against police is on the rise, that the majority of the american public has a falling respect for the police... I believe that more people fear the police than respect their authority, and policemen like Eric Hall are the cause.

For myself, I can only send my ill will wishes for Eric Hall, and hope that he ultimately suffers despair and brutal pain for his crime.

Or at the very least that he would get fired, and be ostracized from his community.

The former does seem more just, however.

Posted by illovich at January 10, 2003 11:25 AM
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