March 18, 2003
Iraq issues Bush Family Advice: Surrender Power

Calling President Bush "unstable," Odai Hussein (son of Saddam) today offered the U.S. President the advice that he "should give up power in America with his family."

Lol. I guess Iraq will play the "no, you" card in this one:

Odai also warned that a United States-led attack will force Iraq to broaden the war against the United States. Any attack on Iraq, he said, would leave ``the wives and mothers of those who fight us constantly crying,'' adding, ``They should not believe there is a single safe spot for them inside Iraq or outside Iraq.''

Iraq's foreign minister, Naji Sabri, also said that Mr. Bush should step down, ``because he made the U.S. hated and isolated in the world.''

Myself, I'm psyched for the day Bush and Mr. Cheyney get dragged into the Hague.

I know, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Posted by illovich at March 18, 2003 11:42 AM