January 27, 2003
I feel more secure already

Thought/rant for the day:

Think back to when I was ranting about getting these RPC Windows Messenger spams and how much I hated it. For those that can't recall, the problem turned out to be simple: turn on Windows XP's firewall and disallow messenger traffic with the appropriate checkbox. Since that discovery I have been messenger service spam free at home.

Last night, I installed some updates on my PC at home, including a few patches that were called "Security Updates" by Windows Update...my natural assumption being that when you apply a security update, your computer becomes less susceptible to outside mischief.

So, given Microsoft's track record on security I guess I shouldn't have been suprised by the stack of Messenger Service spam on my PC's screen this morning.

Which brings me to the actual thought/rant of the day: Why is it that (I dunno, since the events of 9/11?) now whenever somebody does something for "my" security, protection, whatever... I end up more vulnerable and more at risk? I mean is this some sort of sick joke or is it some sort of bizarro not-world? I mean, will Superman pull Bush's face off and reveal that Bizarro is actually President?

I mean really... every law that has been passed since 9/11 for my protection seems to put me more at risk, either because the law causes more people to hate the United States or because it diminishes my rights to be protected from abuse while augmenting the right of the government to fuck with me whenever a low-level bureaucrat happens to decide that I'm a terrorist, or a possible terrorist, or somehow linked to terrorists, or went to second grade with a terrorist, or the money that I sent to the fucking Sierra Club got diverted to some refugee relief fund that gave a terrorist a fucking drink of water.

What am up with that? Stop protecting me already, before I'm a serf in some feudal monarchy with 5 disparate groups of terrorists blowing up the fucking 7-11 on some sort of co-op schedule...


Posted by illovich at January 27, 2003 12:04 PM
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