January 15, 2003
hate the RIAA because they hate you

The the Hollywood-Insdustrial Complex is pushing a new consensus agreement on the social landscape regarding what is and isn't ok with them. What else is new?

[They] will argue against efforts in Congress to amend U.S. laws to broaden the rights of consumers, such as explicitly permitting viewers to make backup copies of DVDs for personal use or copy downloaded songs onto handheld listening devices.
I would probably be more upset if the majority of so-called entertainment under the wing of the RIAA/MPAA didn't totally suck, but the underlying problem with this is that along with many other rights, the rights of US Consumers are being trampled by the almost out-of-control entertainment industry, who of course wants to be as restictive as possible in who can watch a copy of a DVD or listen to a cd.

I'm sure that if they could make it so that you had to buy a copy of a cd for every simgle person that listened to it they would, if it were technically feasable.

Frankly, I would also prefer that the government not impose hardware level copy restriction, but I would also prefer that the governement protect my rights to be able to copy media that I paid for.

Now that I mention it, I would prefer that the federal government get back in the business of upholding my civil liberties in general instead of brainstorming clever new ways to reduce them.

Posted by illovich at January 15, 2003 12:41 PM
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