December 12, 2002
d00d! OMFG! WTF?!?!?

All I can say is: wow. The whole Trent Lott thing got me checking out the Councill of Conservative Citizens website, and I found this awesome article on their website.

The burden of slavery will probably never be lifted from the white man. And yet, the real shame of slavery is that Africans were ever brought to America in the first place.
All I can say is: wow.

These guys are really not casually racist. In the event that you weren't clear, these guys are full-on-no-holds-barred-in-your-face-we-are-wackos-from-hell racists. These are the white collar good-ole-boys that give financial and material support to the KKK, these are the guys that looked the other way when it cam time to investigate a lynching, who gave the wink-wink to the Sherrif that gave the mob the key to the jail.

This organization is the enemy of any one who values the idea of equaliy and civil rights.

And aparently Trent Lott and Bob Barr are honorary members.

Posted by illovich at December 12, 2002 11:48 AM
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