March 16, 2004
blix: bugging unpleasant

This morning NPR had an interview with Hans Blix, where he asserted that "[the] leaders of the United States and Britain failed to exercise "critical judgment" in going to war against Iraq a year ago."

The interview at was pretty much a rehashing of stuff said before... except for one bit that I don't remember coming up before the war: no WMDs had been found in Iraq since 1994.

My favorite bit was at the end, where Bob Edwards mentioned the UK bugging of the UN, and asked Blix if he felt he had been bugged.

Blix replied that at the time he assumed he was bugged, and that it was an "unpleasant feeling." He continued to say that he was not afraid, given that he said nothing in private that he had said publicly, but that is was an "unpleasant feeling."

He paused and added "If they were bugging me I wish they had been listening to what I was saying."

Full audio available on the page.

Posted by illovich at March 16, 2004 09:50 AM
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