January 08, 2003
avarice without representation

First day back, and we're already relaxing the rules? House Republicans celebrated their new found power by weakening rules on lobbyist gifts.

The new food rule applies, for example, when lobbyists want to have dinner delivered to a committee office when lawmakers and their staffs are working late on legislation.
Which should be understood as when the lawmakers are working on the lobbyists legislation.

God damn bastards. Government via smash-and-grab. Seriously, forget the war on terrorism. They'll only bring it up when they want us to look the other way... and I'm talking Democrat and Republican... the real story is that the wealthy are changing the rules back to pre-New Deal, and sadly most Americans seem to be supportive of it, although I have no idea why.

In other news: it turns out that when black people kill white people, they're more likely to get the death penalty.

Posted by illovich at January 08, 2003 11:17 AM
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