October 14, 2002
Animals are people too

In case you haven't heard (for example, I just did), Germany has extended constitutional rights to animals. They are the first European Union nation to do this, but this action builds on a large amount of already existing protection laws.

According to CNN, Switzerland passed a similar law in 1992, "allowing animals to be recognised as beings and not things."

It's not all wine and roses, though. The Americans for Medical Progress would like to offer you a second opinion.

And then Dr. Christian Sailer sez "right back atcha".

And then I'm like "no way."

And Peter Singer is all like "The only acceptable limit to our moral concern is the point at which there is no awareness of pain or pleasure, and no preferences of any kind. That is why pigs count, but lettuces don't."

And then I'm like "word."

Posted by illovich at October 14, 2002 01:26 PM
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