June 15, 2002
Weekend of celebration

Ok, well. Today 5 of my cousins are graduating from high school, or there's a party or something. Tomorrow is Father's Day. Hoo! Luckily I don't feel too tense about my class, because if I did I would be FREAKING OUT. Hey, how is that class going, anyway? I have to remember to stop at Sears on my way to the party to see if they sell 1/16" aluminum wire.

Kathy can't go again, because of course she has two 50 page papers due on Monday, like she does every weekend.

Safety tip: Do not take 2 grad classes in the summer session in order to get through faster, It's just no fun if you also have to work full time. And she's taking a web design certificate program for the summer too, which is great because it makes sure she's got one more night where she is busy from 8 am til 10pm.

Posted by illovich at June 15, 2002 11:37 AM
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