November 14, 2003
that's even weirder

Ok, I mentioned my really weird dream the other day that was strange enough. I was dreaming about being at the squat, for me the squat as in the one where I, as they say, squatted for a few months in my late teens.

The squat, for the record, was in Southwest Phila, and I mention it becasue in today's Philadelphia Daily News:

A man missing since the summer was found dead by investigators last night, cut into pieces and stashed underneath the stairwell of his own home.

The body of the West Philadelphia resident, believed to be James Jones, but known to neighbors as Malick, was found shot, dismembered, placed in garbage bags and then covered with concrete in his basement, police said.

I am so glad I don't believe in psychic powers, because if I did, I'd be really fucking freaked the fuck out, y'know?

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