March 01, 2005
Marital Bliss, take 347

Me: Oh, by the way... just so you're not alarmed at a $40 charge that may appear on the AMEX...

Her: [a pained look of resignation]

Me: I bought a hoodie today.

Her: [relief] Oh, a Temple Hoodie?

Me: [taken aback] No... [brightens] It's a black zip up hoodie that says "1337" across the front!

Her: How is is spelled...? L E E T?

Me: [a bit shocked] No, it's spelled in numbers. Like 1 3 3 7.

Her: What does it mean?

Me: LEET. Like e-leet. Like elite hackers. You know, that's what hackers say, like how they talk. When they spell it.

Her: [rolling eyes] I guess I wouldn't know, since I don't hang out with any "1337" hackers.

Me: Oh yes you do.

Her: Who?

Me: Me, baby!

Her: [incredulous exasperation] What was the last thing you hacked, you retard?!?!?!?

For the record: the last thing I hacked was a PERL script that makes web pages from the files on a streaming server. I wrote it myself with only minimal code stealing quoting from other scripts. The second version let you pick the background color!

Posted by illovich at March 01, 2005 11:31 PM

cute!!! btw, your fonts rock the house! thank you :^)

Posted by: pony on March 12, 2005 12:09 AM
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