December 31, 2002
It's Acutely Gastoenteriffic!

Well, I'm ringing in the New Year with acute gastroenteritus. I don't recommend it. I spent Sunday at the hospital getting an freezing IV of liquid and nausea medication normally reserved for chemotherapy patients. Lucky!

The IV was because I was like, really dehydrated. Kathy still thinks it's funny that my main motivation in going to the hospital was getting an IV. But let me tell you, when you haven't had water in over 20 hours (or at least, you've lost all the water from up to 20 hours ago), and your mouth and throat are totally dry, and your lips are cracking--trust me: an IV is the way to go. They put like a litre of water right back into me, and there was no danger of it making me nauseous like if I drank it.

Win-win, in my opinion.

That's enough about me, back to my toast. Mmmm! Toast!

Happy New Year!

Posted by illovich at December 31, 2002 07:03 PM

my wife got very ill 2 days ago. the doc said it wac gastroenteritus. and gave her a prescription. i went to 3 pharmacies,and they didn`t have one of the this problem dangerous? she has non hodgkins lymphoma but in remission this condition contagious? any feedback would be appreciated.

Posted by: w.c.betts on March 23, 2006 11:11 PM
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