October 03, 2004
if it's not scottish...

...it's crap--or it's electronic, apparently.

A word of caution to the American technophile traveling to Glasga (maybe to anywhere): bring not only a voltage/recepticle converter, but also an extension cord. I'll post a photo later, but the bizarre spatiality created by the combination of my radio shack AC Converter and the position of the outlets in our hotel room makes it impossible to plug any non-standard 2 prong plug in to the outlet. In other words, any creatively designed plug (cough*apple*cough*2inch*cough*plug) will be hardpressed to recharge your precious device.

Additional travel tips:

  • Just because every other internet cafe in every other city you've been to had a compact flash reader so you could empty your CF card, don't assume that it will always be true. For example, easy internet cafe doesn't even allow saving files to a disk, so forget a disk reader.

  • Don't eat in the hotel. Especially Campanile Hotel Glasgow. If the food is Scottish, it's in a very un-scottish way--that is, it's crap. 28 for cold hush puppies and pickled vegetable salad, my arse.

  • It actually is more civilized to have beer with every meal. Also, it makes sleeping easier.

  • When taking one of those "go all around the city" buses, don't get on the less crowded company's bus. It may be less crowded for a reason. For example, they may actually be loathe to stop at their own stops.
  • Posted by illovich at October 03, 2004 11:26 AM