October 06, 2004
I really really like Glasgow

I fell sort of like a teenaged girl writing this, but I really really like Glasgow. It's a really beautiful city and it reminds me a lot of Philadelphia--except, you know the really cool buildings that are here and there in Philly?

Yeah, those cool ones that look all sandstone and old and beautiful. Those are everywhere in Glasgow and the shitty modern crap is only once and a while.

It's really friendly here, really crowded and really busy. But Glasgow also sort of has a Philly attitude that makes you almost homesick but not quite.

I dunno if I could live here, but I'd sure like to try. Only if I could bring my dogs though. Kat and I really miss them, which sort of proves that we're mad.

Posted by illovich at October 06, 2004 12:14 PM