July 08, 2002
Bleary eyed, tears running down my face, I return...

No, not really. But I did take a vacation with Kathy which was not really so much going anywhere, but we did go to the movies a lot...Lilo & Stitch, MiB II and Minority Report. All good--I probably liked Lilo & Stitch or MiB the best, not sure though.

Minority Report was good, except why would he have gone to that room unless he had seen the tape, but the tape wouldn't have existed if he hadn't gone to the room....standard paradox stuff I know, but ususally a paradox happens after you do something messed up during time travel, not with precognition.

Other than that--never mind, it was decent.

I played the Sims a bit too. I think I want to play Simsville the Sims Online when it comes out, but more on that later because I have a few concerns about it--real ones, not concerns about whether I will find it satisfying or not.

Posted by illovich at July 08, 2002 11:22 AM
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