October 31, 2004
Search Request Roundup

I haven't checked which searches have led people to my site recently, so I guess I'm out of the zeitgeist for the second, since the answer is not many:

 #reqs: search term
-----: -----------
    2: samurai and shiba inu
    2: foxy
    2: shiba inu
    2: homelandsecurity/videos of hostages
    1: jesus: wrong for america
    1: red hot girls com
    1: oidhche shamhna 2004
->  1: scott sendra
    1: funny logs
    1: san jo shiba inu
    1: info dr rusty shackleford
    1: ann coulter pics
    1: pics of shibas
    1: dancer buff bot macro
    1: squeak blog
    1: illovich.com
    1: shiba inu puppy pictures
    1: apple soundtrack loop utility
    1: kristoff lib con

The interesting question is... who's looking for Scott Sendra? I know where he is, but I'm not telling.

Posted by illovich at October 31, 2004 09:44 AM