April 05, 2006
ruby on rickitie rails

For a language that is 10 times easier (or was it faster?) than other web app development frameworks, Ruby on Rails is a real pain to install on OS X.... and it doesn't seem like it's much better on other platforms.

But as my 3 dear readers know (hello Scott, Damian and Chris) I am not above any command line geekery!

If you need to get "rolling" with "ruby on rails" (what is it about this language and all the cutesy phrases?), check out these articles:

Hivelogic: Articles: Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger -- This is the same as the one I blogged on the 27th...I found this pretty easy to follow, except that when I was done I had no idea how to get started, which in my mind is a fairly large hole in a tutorial. A big problem with the Ruby crowd seems to be that they often think you already have a rails app, or know what you're doing.

Rolling with Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X Tiger (for beginners) -- This one's a bit better for the newb, because it walks you through creating a blank ruby app. And then stops. But at least by following it from the part where he modifies /etc/httpd/httpd.conf it gets you able to open said blank ruby app via http://localhost/app. So you've got that going for you there.

MySQL Bindings for Ruby under Mac OS X Tiger picks up where the former left off, but is basically just some help on installing/configuring MySQL & the ruby bindings. If you worked through the first article up top, this is already done.

ONLamp.com -- Rolling with Ruby on Rails walks you through making a cookbook, although it assumes you're on a Windows box. So you sort of have to play along, like you are.

I've been enjoying reading Why%u2019s (Poignant) Guide to Ruby, which is the most bizarre thing about a programming language I've ever read. But it's a good read, and I think it lays out the case for why Ruby is interesting in a non-Web2.0alicious and non-CompSci manner.

It's more like talking to a guy on mushrooms, but at least he's basically coherent.

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