January 12, 2003
megahertz matters

Rob Galbraith has posted an article that demonstrates that, despite Apple's claims to the contrary, in image processing, megahertz matters. And to put it more clearly, that at this point PCs are much faster than Macs when you use Photoshop.

This is more evidence to confirm what I've been observing for quite some time now.

I was working on a project recently which included (among many other things) rasterizing fourty-one 5-10MB .eps images that had been exported from autocad.

I set up a batch in photoshop on my (then) brand new dual G4 with 1gb of ram and sat back while photoshop slogged through the work. Normally I'd stop playing with the computer and do something else.

But today, I had the Dell laptop that the rasterized images were ultimately bound for, and it had photoshop. Since this job was sort of a rush, I decided to process some of the images on the laptop.

A half hour later, the Dell (Laptop!!! Not even the top of the line one!) had finished all of the processing and the mac was not even half done the same amount of work.

This was when I began to realize that megahertz was perhaps not as much as a myth as Apple likes to claim. It's a shame, because I prefer MacOSX to WinXP by far.... but the speed is so disparate at this point that I find my self working on WinXP just because it's so much faster for so many things... and I curse a lot more because the OS is lacking so many features that MacOS (not OSX as much) has had for years...


Posted by illovich at January 12, 2003 12:59 PM
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