January 08, 2003
apple roundup

A buncha of apple news, filtered for joo:

Safari: Apple has released their own web browser, named Safari. It seems pretty good.. bookmark/favorite importing was a bit dicey (it imported my bookmarks, but hid them in a folder which didn't show up in the Bookmarks menu), and it breaks javascript being ablle to be executed from bookmark toolbar, which sucks. However, it has a "supress pop-up window" feature, which is good and it reall is a lot faster at page rendering, etc. than IE.

Powerpoint Keynote: Not content to piss off Microsoft by trying to muscle in on IE's marketshare, Apple has decided to attack the niche of 1/3 of MS Office: Powerpoint. XML file format, anti-aliasing, blah blah blah. It's main selling point seems to be better clip art, and that it's not made by Miscrosoft. It's really hard to take Keynote seriously, and I can't believe they want $99 for it. $49 would have made more sense, since you still have to pony up $299 for Office, since Keynote lacks a wordprocessor or spreadsheet.

iLife: Apple will be releasing iMovie 3, iDVD 2 and iPhoto 2 on January 25th with iTunes 3 (already released) in a package called iLife which will now retail for $49, as opposed to free. Except that iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto will still be free downloads. Jobspeak translation: iDVD 2 will be priced at $49, and will come with the other iApps thrown on the install cd.

New 17" Powerbook: Big screen. What else is there to say? Yawn. It's nice to see 800mbs firewire and 802.11g wireless networking available now...

X11 for X: Hey neat. Now I can run xterm with Aqua widgets. Seriously though, you can download a few other X11 Packages from OpenDarwin. Good luck trying to figure it out if you've never used X11. Or if you're like me and have sort of used X11 before, but really don't get it at all. That xterm sure is keen though.

Posted by illovich at January 08, 2003 09:25 AM
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