July 21, 2004
spam this, bitch

Ok, I'm really really sick of top@tgdref.com and sexaholics.com and better-penis-pills.orgy leaving bot spam in my comments section.

Die. Die. Die.

No really, Die.

I installed MT-Blacklist which has, in 5 minutes, eliminated all of the spam comments and is now a personal force field shield against future spam bots.

Ok, it's not spamproof, but it seems like it will help me keep up with spam and allow comments again.

So Christina Thomas 16, Courtney Stoneburg (age 16), Lalina Starling, mike, GEORGE BUSH (I guess we're still working on those naked pics, buddy), Brad Walker, etc.... come on back and post again, lol.

Posted by illovich at July 21, 2004 01:20 PM