September 30, 2003
hit-and-run blogging

Scott Sendra has commented occasionally on the hit-and-run style of my blogging.

Well, yeah. I'm supposed to write a graduate thesis on Bubb Rubb?

But seriously folks, I'm just looking over the site and realizing that for the most part I've just been using this blog as a really complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism.

Now comes the cliched part where I moan about something and vaguely threaten to take down the site, because it's too much work and nobody really cares--except that part doesn't come now.

Now comes the part where I realize that I enjoy having a eally complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism, and once again thank my lucky stars that I was born now and not then.

Same as it ever was, in a nutshell that's the tip of my iceberg.


Added "Similar nonsense" link to each entry to allow for contextual category surfing. Whatever that means.

Posted by illovich at September 30, 2003 10:44 AM
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