June 17, 2002
Spiderman vs. the Dell-dude

Saw it. It was decent I guess...I liked how it sort of stuck to the Spiderman mythos or whatever (uncle ben, aunt may &c.), but the writing was fairly bad, especially any meaningful dialog between the characters, and certainly his beginning and ending narrations.

Kat and I had fun guffawing at it though, and as every one is aware the special effeccts were fantastic...I think probably the best human cgi animations I've seen. Harry becomes the Hobgoblin in the fourth movie, right? After James Franco is replaced by an even weaker James Dean wannabe in the seccond or third movie?

My bet is the next villain is none other than Harvey Keitel as the Rhino. Think about it...it would be decent. Or maybe Elton John as Dr. Octopus. Huey Lewis as the Sandman?

Got a new computer at work today to replace the now ancient PIII 500 that was regularly grinding to a halt on my desk. I got a Dell, dude. Unfortunately there was no speccial offer to punch the delldude in the head, or electric shock him or something.

I would pay money for that.

oh well, as Zebadee would say: "Time for bed."

Posted by illovich at June 17, 2002 11:03 PM
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