September 03, 2003
big search query report fun

Well kids, we haven't looked at the "search query report" in a while so let's see how ol' uncle ilovich is doing up against the zeitgeist:

46: shiba inu pictures
35: pictures of yoshi
32: shiba inu pics
25: shiba inu puppy pictures
24: acid for mac
22: veritas numquam perit
14: shiba inu puppy
11: yoshi pictures
11: shiba inu images
11: ann coulter sexy
10: sexy ann coulter
8: gunthak
7: shiba inu
7: humansex
6: yoshi pics
6: kiev 60
6: squeak blog
5: gulf of gunthak
5: ultima ratio regum
352: [not listed: 291 search terms]
Happily, "sexy ann coulter" is in the minority of topics that generate traffic around here. I still am at a loss for why my site comes up if you search for humansex. The only time it occurs on this site is when it's mentioned in the search query report. Quite a strange chicken/egg riddle.

Those of you who know me well will be unsuprised by the fact that my dog generates more interest than I do. However, I now have data indicating how much more:

#reqs: %bytes: directory
-----: ------: ---------
1: : http://
10: 0.01%: /everquest/
91: 0.04%: /dreams/
14: : /reason/
1820: 0.53%: /images/
43: 0.04%: /photographemes/
70: 0.07%: /games/
2791: 0.23%: /MT/
4609: 2.97%: /archives/
21814: 92.90%: /yoshi/
1812: 1.80%: [root directory]
2150: 1.39%: /sqicons/

There you have it. conclusive data that Yoshi is approximately 9 times more interesting than I am. Perhaps it's time that dog got his own website and started paying for his keep with ad revenue.

Posted by illovich at September 03, 2003 02:25 PM
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