November 18, 2006
reusable flash Creating Reusable Flash Buttons Controlled by HTML


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a reusable flash that can be configured through the HTML of the page displaying the SWF file. Using the technique you will be able to use one single SWF file for all your buttons in a single page.
This is one of those things that I've tried to do a couple times, but it never worked out...and truth be told, after reading the tutorial I'm not sure what I was doing wrong (maybe I wasn't passing the variable to the swf the right way).

Anyway, it's cool to see it work. Now I need to figure out how to force justify the single word in the button, and actually get the text how I want.

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November 13, 2006

I was looking for some information on how to style lists and blockquotes (I'm getting a little annoyed with them -- I can't figure out how to change their default indentations, and browsers give them way to much vertical space.

I found this nice site (or 5 sites) by maxdesign that look pretty helpful. At least they should help me figure out my list problems, if nothing else. And the Floatutorial: Step by step CSS float tutorial looks like required reading since I just got a headache from trying to figure out how to clear the floats in the new layout I'm working on.

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November 12, 2006
CSS From the Ground Up

Nice CSS tutorial, aimed at designers. Mostly nice because it gives tips on how to translate page layout concepts to CSS.

CSS From the Ground Up

Can you tell I'm working on a website?

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the advantages of knowing thyself

From Republicans look to Reagan era for inspiration (Yahoo! News):

But Joe Barton of Texas, also considering joining the House Republican leadership race, doesn't see the party of Reagan as extreme.

"Our party does not suffer the affliction of being a boiling mad collection of fringe interests with notions so cockeyed that they ultimately rub each other rawand make average Americans cringe," Barton said. "Republicans will never be that."

That is so awesome I can't even stand it. Good luck getting your party back together -- with your eye on the ball like that, nothing can get in your way.

Posted by illovich at 03:51 PM
November 06, 2006