March 29, 2005
Feel Good Fuehrer

I've been frustrated on many occasions discussing the holocaust with various people, because I've found that people generally buy into this whole "how could the holocaust happen without the Germans rising up to stop it?

A new book, Hitlers Volksstaat posits that Hitler was a populist who knew how to buy the goodwill of his citizenry with tax cuts and other benefits (high emplyment, etc.).

A SPIEGEL ONLINE article New Holocaust Book, New Theory: How Germans Fell for the 'Feel-Good' Fuehrer discusses how this threory is beiong received in today's Germany (hint: not well).

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March 27, 2005
Moogies Bloogies

From Delia Derbyshire Recordings:

"He came to my little one room flat above a flower shop ... He was thrilled to bits with it! He said, and I felt quite insulted at the time... 'I'll soon get you out of this little place.'"

Delia on Anthony Newley (MP3)
An unreleased perv-pop classic in the 1966 novelty vein, recorded with Anthony Newley. The future Mr Joan Collins was after an electronic backing track and called in Delia (he wasn't alone - Paul McCartney considered using Delia's electronic backing for Yesterday before using a string quartet). Delia said of this track: "I'd written this beautiful little innocent tune, all sensitive love and innocence, and he made it into a dirty old raincoat song. But he was really chuffed!" Sadly Newley decamped to Hollywood before he could progress beyond this demo recording. Delia was initially disappointed with the recording, but as the years passed she became exceptionally fond of it, and insisted it was featured on this site.

Moogies Bloogies: MP3

A very strange song, but I really really like it. Anthony Newley indeed.

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March 22, 2005
gnomz must be stopped

Insane paper doll comics creator.


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SHELL EXTENSION CITY, millions of free Windows power tools, explorer enhancements, windows add-ons, tweaks, system utilities, freeware, ie5

Yeah, it's geeky websurfing day, apparently. I just don't have the time to follow this stuff up right now.

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Full Source
ThunderMain believes in helping the wider community by sharing both knowledge and code. This page contains links to articles written by our CTO and sample code for other developers to use.

The windows IE extension allows you to view the source that's actually being displayed (as opposed to downloaded), which is helpful for seeing what's going on with pages that use a lot of document.write tricks, &c.

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PHP Designer 2005

PHP Designer 2005 is some sort of free PHP editor that's also good for HTML.

Windows only.

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foot switch fever

These Kinesis Foot Switches might come in handy for something--but what is it?

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March 17, 2005
take it to the board

I'll need to get a Board of Education (USB) for a class I want to take.


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March 09, 2005
Your morphine are like mine

What you seek you can not find
That's no reason to be unkind
Lay there with your sobbing and sighing [sign]
Ignore the urge to go on trying

Your morphine are like mine

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March 01, 2005
Marital Bliss, take 347

Me: Oh, by the way... just so you're not alarmed at a $40 charge that may appear on the AMEX...

Her: [a pained look of resignation]

Me: I bought a hoodie today.

Her: [relief] Oh, a Temple Hoodie?

Me: [taken aback] No... [brightens] It's a black zip up hoodie that says "1337" across the front!

Her: How is is spelled...? L E E T?

Me: [a bit shocked] No, it's spelled in numbers. Like 1 3 3 7.

Her: What does it mean?

Me: LEET. Like e-leet. Like elite hackers. You know, that's what hackers say, like how they talk. When they spell it.

Her: [rolling eyes] I guess I wouldn't know, since I don't hang out with any "1337" hackers.

Me: Oh yes you do.

Her: Who?

Me: Me, baby!

Her: [incredulous exasperation] What was the last thing you hacked, you retard?!?!?!?

For the record: the last thing I hacked was a PERL script that makes web pages from the files on a streaming server. I wrote it myself with only minimal code stealing quoting from other scripts. The second version let you pick the background color!

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