February 16, 2005
city of dreams

I made this with m-city's city creation tool konstructor

What fun.

Posted by illovich at 02:48 PM
February 10, 2005
free mac video/audio editor

Arboretum Systems has released a new version of HyperEngine-AV as freeware which is a pretty awesome thing.

I just downloaded it, and am checking it out. I'm more interested in audio tracks than the video side, but if I like it I'll post more.

Posted by illovich at 11:56 AM
February 01, 2005
baseportal web database

A faculty member at work tipped me off to baseportal, a free service (yes, they also charge money for premium services.

It's pretty cool. You can set up a database and use it. I'm not sure how easy it is to integrate into another webpage though.

UPDATE: Oh, and I broke my database pretty easily. And I don't know how to get it back. Hmmm.

Posted by illovich at 12:49 PM