September 30, 2003
cowabunga, duudes!

Thanks to Jeff Skrysak, who ported LOGO to Mac OS X. Also of interest is CocoaMySQL, for managing MySQL databases.

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hit-and-run blogging

Scott Sendra has commented occasionally on the hit-and-run style of my blogging.

Well, yeah. I'm supposed to write a graduate thesis on Bubb Rubb?

But seriously folks, I'm just looking over the site and realizing that for the most part I've just been using this blog as a really complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism.

Now comes the cliched part where I moan about something and vaguely threaten to take down the site, because it's too much work and nobody really cares--except that part doesn't come now.

Now comes the part where I realize that I enjoy having a eally complicated bookmark tracker and one-liner delivery mechanism, and once again thank my lucky stars that I was born now and not then.

Same as it ever was, in a nutshell that's the tip of my iceberg.


Added "Similar nonsense" link to each entry to allow for contextual category surfing. Whatever that means.

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how to conduct yourself

Take a look art this Digital Conductor MIDI Conducting Device. It's pretty neat.

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September 18, 2003
these are not the driods you're looking for

move along.

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September 17, 2003
so ya wanna woo woo?

But only in da morning? This one's for you: Bubb Rubb Info Center

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September 16, 2003
kiss my asp

I've been learning about databases, as I might have mentioned earlier. Did I? Not sure, I'll have to look.

Where was I?

Ah: I found this website called ASP Resource Index, or Aspin.

Beyond having some ASP code snippets, applications and coponents, they also have a nice My First Script that has tutorials for JScript, PERL, VB and VBscript. No PHP unfortuanately.

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September 04, 2003
0p3n s0u4c3 plz

A super-secret project has been getting me more familiar with databases than I ever thought possible... and I kind of like it. It must be an age thing; super-slick glitzy graphics when you're a young man, data driven dynamic documents when you're a bit more mature.

However, alliteration never loses it's gleam.

But I digress. Although I'm working in Cold Fusion and should be paying attention to that, I keep finding references to PHP and MySQL.

Mac OS X versions of both of those are at: Marc Liyanage's page.

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September 03, 2003
big search query report fun

Well kids, we haven't looked at the "search query report" in a while so let's see how ol' uncle ilovich is doing up against the zeitgeist:

46: shiba inu pictures
35: pictures of yoshi
32: shiba inu pics
25: shiba inu puppy pictures
24: acid for mac
22: veritas numquam perit
14: shiba inu puppy
11: yoshi pictures
11: shiba inu images
11: ann coulter sexy
10: sexy ann coulter
8: gunthak
7: shiba inu
7: humansex
6: yoshi pics
6: kiev 60
6: squeak blog
5: gulf of gunthak
5: ultima ratio regum
352: [not listed: 291 search terms]
Happily, "sexy ann coulter" is in the minority of topics that generate traffic around here. I still am at a loss for why my site comes up if you search for humansex. The only time it occurs on this site is when it's mentioned in the search query report. Quite a strange chicken/egg riddle.

Those of you who know me well will be unsuprised by the fact that my dog generates more interest than I do. However, I now have data indicating how much more:

#reqs: %bytes: directory
-----: ------: ---------
1: : http://
10: 0.01%: /everquest/
91: 0.04%: /dreams/
14: : /reason/
1820: 0.53%: /images/
43: 0.04%: /photographemes/
70: 0.07%: /games/
2791: 0.23%: /MT/
4609: 2.97%: /archives/
21814: 92.90%: /yoshi/
1812: 1.80%: [root directory]
2150: 1.39%: /sqicons/

There you have it. conclusive data that Yoshi is approximately 9 times more interesting than I am. Perhaps it's time that dog got his own website and started paying for his keep with ad revenue.

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death to blackboard

I hate blackboard. The company is lame, support sucks, and every patch that fixes one thing breaks two others.

It's all Moodle for me from here on out. Free and Open Source, the way things should be run at a University.

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