June 20, 2003
The intangible Millennium Elephants of the Milky Way

My new Superteam is almost complete. Thanks, Lee's (Useless) Super-Hero Generator!!!

The Intangible Millennium Elephants of the Milky Way

The radioactive Sir Boy
Power(s): X-ray vision
Source of powers: Ancient lore

The stupendous Freedom Bee
Power(s): Power mimicry, Prehensile tail, Super speed
Source of powers: Technology

The dewy-eyed Suicyde Krystal
Power(s):Flame generation/control
Source of powers: Genetic engineering

The adjectiveless Ms. Armadillo
Power(s): Enhanced senses, Energy absorption, Psychic
Source of powers: Mystic

The amazing He-squid
Power(s): Mind-numbing beauty/ugliness, Clairvoyance, Shrinking
Source of powers: Psychic

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dirty secrets

I couldn't remeber how to find it, so when I did again I thought I should blog it: Chris Pound's Name Generation Page

Please don't ask why I wanted to find this.

Ok, you can ask. I was really looking for Kate Monk's Onomastikon.

As if that makes it all better.

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June 11, 2003
from rebellion to evil empire

File under stupid website mistakes. Star Wars.com, official propaganda organ of the Lucas Galactic Empire has instituted a new policy where looking at some content requires you to register, make a user name and log in.

But hold on a second, you digital freeloader! Did you actually want to see the neat stuff on there? Like movie clips, etc? Then you have to upgrade to Hyperspace. Just $19.95 a year!

What a bargain!

Now, I guess there will be fans that are entrenched enough to actually pay for this, but I'd be really curious to see a detailed breakdown of their stats from the last few months and the next few months.

I'm not an avid visitor, but I do drop by on occasion for a litttle star warsiness...but now the site is so frustrating to use, because every other link redirects to the page that encourages you to upgrade to Hyperspace.

I just don't get it. So now they have a really annoying site that essentially chases the average star wars fan (me) away since I'm not going to pony up $19.95 to view.

Oh well. We'll always have TheForce.net, I guess.

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June 06, 2003
jesus kicks down phat
On each blanket the ladies sewing club embroider, by computer sewing machine, the following love message in hippie street language:
Jesus Kicks Down Phat. Prayerline 1-877-566-7264.
My kind of church. They describe themselves as a "1st Century Church" with a Food Bank, Clothing Bank, and Showers Laundromat, Phone Center, and E-mail Center. They make blankets for homeless kids called Rainbow Sleeping Bags (the quote is from that page).

They will also help you keep your self safe from UFOs. Right. On.

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June 05, 2003
luckily there's a family guy

Kingdom%u2019s Leading Executioner Says: "I Lead a Normal Life"

Good for you, pal. Good for you.

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June 04, 2003
303 toy from airy

Airy has released a 303-like toy, called AU303.

Wheee. It's fun. It is sort of a toy, but I guess it might be interesting to see how far it can be pushed. If you download it, and you have no idea what to do next, follow the install instructions and then download Rax to play around with it (Rax is a free Audio Unit host).

Have Fun!

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OMFG, a democrat is running for president

He's not running as a green, either! This guy Dennis Kucinich actually seems like a left-leaning Dem; so much so that I'm actually wondering what the catch is.

And then I realize what it is: the democrats will probably not allow him to win the Primary. It's a shame, what the Democrats need to get control of the country back is to be different than Republicans, not as similar as possible without switching sides.

My only question is: what cabinet position is he offering to Ralph Nader? Or is he going to offer him his VP slot?

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